About Us

We absolutely love everything tech related. We’re nerds at our core and we love to give people unbiased reviews that you won’t find anywhere else. Our reviews are fair, honest and they’re to the point.

All of our writers have years of experience in the tech industry and have been tech enthusiasts their entire lives. We want to bring you up to date news, reviews and information on the latest gadgets, the best tech tools, and industry ground-breaking news. When we review a product, we go through every single detail, providing a highly thorough review that most other so-called review websites won’t do. If you see a product being recommended from us, then you know it’s worth it.

Want a product reviewed by us or do you want something on the site that you don’t see? Contact us and tell us about it. We’ll try to accommodate your needs in any way we can.

What We Cover

While we strive to cover everything related to technology and everything in-between, the majority of our content will focus on drones, RC cars, RC boats and RC planes. We manually go through thousands of products, we find the best ones available on the market and we review them. We want to make sure that the public is informed about the products they’re buying and we want to make sure that you’re making an informed buying decision when you purchase any of these products. We would never cover or recommend a product that isn’t worth the money.

Our Team

Our team consists of some of the nerdiest writers on the internet who share a passion for everything drones and RC related.

How We Review Products

First, we usually hear of a product from word of mouth or from a news announcement. From that point, we do a thorough investigation of the product and try to get our hands on one so we can detail our experience with the product. From there, we try to take note of all of the features, all of the cool things that consumers will be getting and we’ll try our best to come up with an unbiased list of every pro, con, feature and positive that the product brings to the table.

Sometimes, products don’t live up to their hype or their name, which is why we don’t put them on our website. Almost all of our products will be able to found and purchased on Amazon, which is for your own convenience.

We hope you enjoy the site, read through the reviews and find something interesting here.