Altair Aerial AA108 Quadcopter Drone

Altair Aerial AA108 Camera Drone, RC Quadcopter w/ 720p HD

Whether you have a brand new kid learning to fly or maybe an experienced pilot that would enjoy a budget friendly drone, this is one of the best gifts you can get. It has a lot of different flying modes, a lot of different features that are child friendly, it’s really easy to control and it comes with quite a few goodies. Weighing in at only 85g, it’s really lightweight and from the manufacturer, the recommend age is 14, which is just perfect for our recommendation. The flight range is pretty impressive for the size too.


  • Depending on the amount of experience you have with flying, there’s 3 different flying modes you can turn on with the touch of a button
  • It has FPV or first person view capability mode which will give you a completely immersive experience
  • Comes with a spare battery but the charging time of this battery is really low, around 45 minutes total
  • Films at 720p and it can film at a wide angle of up to 120 degrees, giving smooth and high-quality footage


  • This drone doesn’t come with any kind of camera stabilization so it might be a little choppy, wobbly or you might have to constantly adjust the angle