Discovery UDI U818A Quadcopter Drone

Discovery U818A Quadcopter Drone with 720p Camera Micro SD Card and Bonus Battery

The discovery drones have been around for a while and they’ve released various models but we feel like this is one of the best ones yet for beginner drones and children. We know that quad drones can be a little intimidating but this one’s relatively easy to handle thanks to the smooth controller that allows for seamlessly easy flight. There’s also not a lot of distractions on this model or a flashy design, so we feel that it helps the kid focus more on their flight skills and improving rather than the shiny toys.


  • The rotors are pretty well spaced apart, even though they look relatively small in product pictures, which gives it ease of flight
  • The drone comes with a 360-eversion key which is new technology by Discovery that makes flying their drones even easier
  • For a child’s drone, the camera is really high-quality and it records at up 720p HD footage which you can capture on a SD card (one is included)
  • Is great for children learning to fly because it’s easy to control and the movements are fluid, so you won’t have to do a lot of adjusting during flight
  • You can even flip and roll the drone with one of the built-in features and it’s really fun to do but not a habit you want a child developing


  • When it’s windy out, this drone doesn’t do too well because of how the rotors and the base are setup