DJI Inspire 2.0 Quadcopter Combo

DJI Inspire 2.0 Quadcopter Combo, Includes Zenmuse X5S Camera Gimbal, Remote Controller, CinemaDNG

This drone on the other hand is an insanely high-quality and high-powered drone that’s definitely going to put a little bit of a dent in your wallet. Being priced at $5,000+, we know that sounds high to a lot of people but this is a really solid drone that shoots at a crisp clear quality and it’s great for professional shoots and business use. It comes with a warranty (at least we’d better hope, right?) and it looks pretty cool as well. So, what kind of features could a drone have to possibly be worth that much money? Let’s find out.


  • High-quality charging hub charges this drone back up in a flash and you can have this drone operational again in under an hour
  • Comes with a free Cinema DNG license key if you’d like to utilize their software, although we don’t really recommend it
  • Comes with a DJI warranty which covers accidental damage or any parts that become faulty, all you have to do is send the drone back
  • Long lasting flight battery will give you at least 25 minutes of flight time regardless of weather conditions
  • Has an easy to use remote controller that’s seamless, has no lag and transfer data from a long distance away
  • Quad legs and a gimbal make this a super stable drone that doesn’t have any problems in the air, lifting off or landing


  • Sometimes, this drone will not fly unless you have the latest firmware installed, so that can get a bit annoying