DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Drone

DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Drone

The Phantom 4 is another knock-out DJI product and if there’s one thing we really love about DJI products, it’s their unique ability to come home with high-precision and accuracy. We’ve seen too many horror stories happen with some drones come home ability but DJI usually knocks them out of the park in this area. It’s a very stable drone and it has a little bit of a price tag but it’s not that bad compared to some of the other drones we’ve seen that offer the exact same technology.


  • Has incredibly accurate GPS technology that can help the drone lift off and return to the exact location it took off from with better accuracy than most drones out today
  • Smartphone app included that allows you to begin capturing or stop capturing footage at the tap of a button with no delay between the phone and the drone
  • Blistering 4K quality camera captures videos at a smooth 30 fps and the camera captures at a resolution of 12MP
  • The lens is equipped with a wide field view and is rated at f/2.8, so the imagery will always come in really smooth and clear
  • Comes with a bunch of goodies in the goodie bag when you order this drone including extra propellers, USB cable, OTG cable a 16gb SD card and more
  • Has a manual and its own software to allow you to easily add text, music or images to the video you capture


  • We’re not too hot on the included software because sometimes it can experience bugs and there’s far better video editing software out there like Final Cut Pro