DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone

DJI Spark, Portable Mini Drone, Alpine White

Finally, one of the most intelligent low budget drones we’ve seen on the market today is the DJI Spark. It’s not really much for its size or its overall design but it’s one of the smartest drones we’ve seen because of how it incorporates flight movement, sensing the environment around it, how it stabilizes when it’s in the air and how it can smooth out your camera footage even in some intense environments. This is probably because of the stabilizer that comes with the gimbal camera. The take off and landing is relatively smooth and we haven’t seen any major problems with it.


  • You can easily tap on quick video shot technology with a single touch and immediately start filming in super-high quality
  • Comes with flight mode smart technology which helps stabilize the drone and keep it in the air longer without too much risk of wind overturning it
  • The drone will actively look for and detect ground that’s suitable to land on regardless of the environment
  • Has a gimbal attached that produces crisp clear shots that won’t be shaky and it’s one of the smoothest cameras we’ve seen
  • Has a really fast and hard propeller speed which allows the drone to take off quick and land smoothly
  • The camera is operated on a 2-axis point which allows you to get as many angles and shots as you want


  • There’s only one shooting mode with this drone and it’s hard locked onto 1080p with 30 fps, which can be seen as a downfall for professional grade video