DJI Mavic Air Quadcopter Drone

DJI Mavic Air, Onyx Black Portable Quadcopter Drone

Equipped with an insanely high-quality 32MP camera, this is a lightweight and moderately budgeted out drone from the high-end of the drones. DJI has seen no shortage of amazing drone releases recently and they seem to dominate the top 10 drones list every single year from multiple sources. This year may be no exception because this latest addition brings a good mix of quality and functionality into a single drone with different camera sensors and even an environment sensor. The cover of the drone could be a little bit tougher because if this thing takes one tumble then you’ll probably have to get a new one.


  • Comes with an insanely high-quality 32MP camera that’s also a panorama so you’ll cover everything around you with in insane quality
  • Has 4K quality to keep up with the latest trend and allows you to capture everything in beautiful crisp condition
  • Has smart capture technology that will allow you to focus in on an area and the drone will zoom in on that specific area to capture footage
  • Comes with a 3-axis gimbal to help stabilize the footage, it will never vibrate, shake or become uneven due to unexpected wind
  • Allows for slow-motion recording and capturing, allowing you to capture and slow down the footage in real time at 1080p quality
  • Can take pictures in really high-quality HDR which improves and enhances every image you take


  • The flight speed leaves a little room to be desired for as it’s definitely not the quickest in terms of flight speed that we’ve ever seen