Speed Controllers F-3000

The new F-3000 is packed with all you need.

Speed Controllers F-3000

Braking Power, Easy Setup and the ability to change the way the motor reacts to your trigger finger. It’s like having an adjustable Throttle EXPO without a high-end radio. This one is definitely an Advantage.

Q – Quick
N – Normal
M – Smooth

Power Supply
Maximum Current
Loss Resistance
Suggested Motor
Z-Connector System


7.2v – 8.4v
0.7m Ohm
28.3mm X 33.3mm X 26.7mm
42 grams
10 Turn and above


  • High Frequency drive on FET.
  • High performance MOS-FET.
  • 3 position Frequency Control (Power control) switch.
  • One button set up ease to set the, Neutral, High Point, and Brake.
  • Heat Protector is provided to protect from abnormal high heat on FET.
    Overload protection.
  • When the battery voltage reaches 4.7V, it automatically reduces the motor r.p.m to let you know the battery is almost empty.

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